Lakeland Schools Athletic Association

At Learning Together Anywhere, we believe in providing our online students with opportunities to participate in athletics within their local community. LTA is a member of the Lakeland Schools Athletic Association and we are committed to encouraging all grade 5 - 9 students to participate individually or on a team in the various sports offered. 

Please contact the office if you are interested in participating in any of the following LSAA events. 

LSAA 2021/22 Schedule

Date Event Host
September 16 LSAA Meeting Central
September 23 Mountain Bike Race East Ward
postponed Golf Tournament TBD
October 1 Cross Country Run Central
November 18 Ward Volleyball All Wards
November 27 District Volleyball East Ward
February 26 Ward Basketball All Wards
March 5 District Basketball West Ward
March 12 5/6 Basket Ball Tourn TBD
March 17 LSAA Meeting West Ward
April 21 Ward Badminton All Wards
April 30 District Badminton West Ward
May 26 Ward Track & Field All Wards
May 31 District Track & Field Central
June 6 LSAA Meeting TBD